Summer is here! When most people wax their bodies and enjoy the beaches.

DO NOT consume alcohol and caffeine substance to ease the pain during waxing, these will tighten the pores, which can lead to a painful waxing experience. DO NOT trim the hair too short before waxing. DO NOT shave between waxing procedures, this may reverse the benefits of waxing, including removing hair from the root and having silky smooth skin.

Be sure to drink water to hydrate and use OSYS® Naturals to moisturize the skin before and after waxing. Drinking water is beneficial to your skin and to your overall health. For best waxing result make sure your hair is grown out to about one-fourth of an inch. This is an ideal length for the hair before waxing in order for the wax to grip the hair from the roots, rather from above the skin. Exfoliate in between waxing procedures to reduce skin irritations and ingrown hairs.

Apply OSYS® Naturals immediately after your waxing procedure to instantly reduce the redness and continue using OSYS® Naturals every four hours within the first 24 hours after waxing for best results. Also avoid sunbathing and swimming within the first 24 hours of waxing procedure. These steps will minimize skin irritations and possible infections. Consult with your aesthetician prior to your waxing procedure for allergies, health conditions and medications that might cause health issues with your waxing procedure. DO NOT use products that contain harsh numbing chemicals or pain relief medicine. Wax applied too hot can cause the skin to burn, itch or bleed. Cold wax can also cause skin irritation. More importantly, consult with your medical practitioner prior to your waxing procedure if you have any medical conditions.

Be wise in choosing a qualified aesthetician, this will result in a great waxing experience and your skin will love you for it.

Have a smooth day!